Life is hard enough as it is without major food allergies. Just barely 38 and they hit me HARD. Suddenly (it seemed) I had to strike wheat, gluten, oats, dairy, yeast, commercially made citric acid, and Koji (used to ferment various Japanese foods) from what I’m able to eat in addition to already being ovo-vegetarian/borderline vegan, highly allergic to honey and pineapple, and trying to keep foods lower in sodium and sugar. If that wasn’t enough, even the chlorine in our tap water is causing ongoing reactions.

This blog is mostly recipes but also a bit of a journal for those times when I just need to talk some things out as I’m adjusting to a complete food overhaul. I want to show what is possible when life decides it would be hilarious to see how I can still thrive and be healthy as I can under such stupid restrictions. Recipes are important but that is only part of the equation. I want to highlight individual ingredients (because sometimes I lust like to talk about produce!) but also work on building meals, showing what it is I actually eat, and showing the nutritional information for all of it. How can you know you are healthy if you are just guessing?

Updates will be sporadic because food is not my life but I am learning to try and enjoy it as a hobby. I don’t mind cooking, but having to do nearly everything from scratch is enough to drive me crazy.

You are welcome to join me on this adventure!


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